Hearing it for and about Alito

Let’s have an Alito Watch.  Begin, point of view yesterday from Suspicion Central, where I live:

 There isn’t even a nominee yet, and the Dems and MSM are already in major smear mode,

That’s from “Dog (Lost)” karinschulz3@aol.com, commenting at Protein Wisdom.  MSM means Chi Trib and Sun-Times, if circulation means anything these days.  So.  Chi Trib on line?

It was “a choice to cheer conservatives,” says the head of the Mark Silva and Jan Crawford Greenburg story.  To sadden liberals?  Say it, Trib; there are liberals out there, I think. 

“[A]fter the flame out of Harriet Miers,” says the lede sentence.  Colorful writing for breaking story, yes.

It “followed the embarrassing retreat of his first choice,” says 2nd sentence-graf.  More color.

There had been “mounting criticism within the Republican Party and increasing skepticism among senators and conservative interest groups,” says 3rd graf.  OK, more like it for breaking story.

The rest is good, informative deadline stuff, though obviously neither writer had to crawl under an upturned car to get the name of the pinned victim (an old CDailyNews story about Ray Coffey) and they were ready for this.  Crawford Greenburg has been quite reliable, by the way — I read a lead of hers to a Columbia College (Chi) writing class some years back ; I just don’t have a take on Silva at this point.

Sun-Times gives us three AP stories.  Its crack Washington bureau slept late?

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