Gotcha #3403

Meanwhile, back at Chi Trib on the day S-T ran the gripping war story in Controversy, it was business as usual, and why not, with the same-old liberals running things.  “Desperate for work, lured into danger: The journey of a dozen impoverished men from Nepal to Iraq reveals the exploitation underpinning the American war effort” dominates p-1, complete with (surprise!) color shot of bereaved people.  For these Cam Simpson and his fotog went high into the Himalayas.  But they got their shot.

The only thing missing (it’s a series, so there will be more opportunities) is the head they are really looking for, here only part of it: “Exploitation underpins American war effort!”  Then only will their hearts be glad and spirits light.  It’s coming, yes!

Exaggeration aside, isn’t it funny how Trib juices never really flow unless they find something that makes us look bad?

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