Frisbie, Abra, Spielman

Of note today in Sun-Times are:

* Typically articulate and well-researched short letter by Dick Frisbie in defense of accused priests, in part wondering why no church trial or statue of limitations [in partial rebuttal, because present danger is the issue rather than penalties], which did not make the e-version cut. 

* Mary Laney column in praise of heiress-benefactor Abra Rockefeller Prentice, formerly Abra Anderson as reporter and later columnist — Jon and Abra — with Jon Anderson, “Among heiresses, we'll take a Prentice over a Paris anytime”:

Thanks to her giving, Chicago has Prentice Pavilion -- the largest birthing center in the seven-state Midwest region and among the top 25 birth centers in the United States. Close to 10,000 babies have been delivered at Prentice and received important neonatal care afterward.

And more more more.

* Typically sharp, enterprising, bread-and-butter muckraking story by city hall reporter Fran Spielman, “Ex-Daley aides cash in as they depart City Hall”:

Chicago taxpayers have coughed up $164,974 for the accrued vacation times of the newly departed mayoral aides, according to figures supplied to the Chicago Sun-Times in response to a Freedom of Information request.

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