You ain't seen nothin' yet

From Wall St. Journal:

Liberals who object to datamining [as by NSA with telephone numbers] should wait until they see the "massive intrusion on personal privacy" that Americans will demand if the U.S. homeland gets hit again.


since the database doesn't involve any wiretapping, FISA [the law vs. wiretapping without warrant] doesn't apply. The FISA statute specifically says its regulations do not cover any "process used by a provider or customer of a wire or electronic communication service for billing, or recording as an incident to billing."

As for Di-Fi of Calif. (Feinstein) and invoking the 4th amendment,

the Supreme Court has already held (Smith v. Maryland, 1979) that the government can legally collect phone numbers since callers who expect to be billed by their phone company have no "reasonable expectation of privacy" concerning such matters.

Leave us not forget the other Fein senator, Feingold of the great state of Wisconsin, who says

we should definitely be listening to al Qaeda but that Mr. Bush has committed an impeachable offense by doing it the wrong way. Republicans would love to see a Democratic Presidential nominee take that proposition into the 2008 election.

WSJ concludes by noting that “maybe--just maybe--the aggressive surveillance policies of the Bush Administration are one reason” why we haven’t been attacked since 9/11.  Maybe our fine senators should think more about that.

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