Lashing back

This lady on illegal-immigrant backlash in Wash Times makes good reading.  Diana West's her name. 
However, interesting or not, her "immorally cheap labor force" reference is mysterious.  What moral dictum is being violated when people fight to work for low wages?  She apparently speaks of pricing non-illegals out of the market.  Oh?  What does she think of printing firms moving to Tennessee, where labor costs are lower?  Immoral?
Her reference to illegals constituting "more than 29 percent of prisoners in Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities," on the other hand, is a stopper, though it leaves unsaid what percentage these are of illegals.
Never mind.  Herndon VA voters spoke this week, going almost entirely for opponents of an illegal-immigrant hiring facility.  Not to mention the record "463 immigration bills . . . introduced just this year in 43 states," as reported by the National Conference of State Legislatures, most of them "designed to get tough on illegal immigrants, on employers who give them jobs and on state officials who give them benefits," as says Wash Post.
Then, anecdotally, there's the Arizona "Sheriff's posse to patrol desert" headline.  And the Milford CT board of health's making sure restaurants do not hire illegals in view of "the appearance of infectious diseases among" them.  (Power Line has this.)

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