Trib toe in water

Chi Trib has a Mearsheimer story -- about his and a Harvard man's paper on the "Israel lobby" as deciding our foreign policy -- on its site.  It's by AP and is dated today.  It's not in today's hard copy as far as I can tell, but maybe tomorrow.  Nothing by any Trib reporter yet, however -- and Mearsheimer a U. of Chi prof of some notoriety.  Among critics of M. is Alan Dershowitz, also of Harvard, who calls the paper "David Duke with footnotes" -- Duke praises it -- and has posted his rebuttal on the Kennedy School of Govt. site, which has the Mearsheimer paper too.  Sun-Times editorialized about the paper a week or so ago -- or am I imagining things?  It's not on the S-T site now.  Is this the usual dynamic local coverage that Trib is noted for?  Maybe.

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