Anything to sell papers

Tribune Co.'s first-quarter earnings dropped 28 percent, pulled down by onetime charges as well as the ongoing drag of sagging circulation and weakening advertising revenue

Trib reported 11:37 this morning.  It’s a shame.  No matter how hard the editors try to be relevant to their shrinking readership, as with yesterday’s sushi-connection story about Rev. Moon’s church — a “quirky” story, said one reader, an expose of a “fascist” religion, said another — they can’t keep profits up. 

Wait!  Yesterday’s story has nothing to do with the first quarter, which ended March 31, dummy.  Sorreeeeeeee.  Wait till June 30.  It will show.

Coming up, maybe . . . maybe . . . please . . .  a Chi Trib expose of Islamofascism as shouted from imam pulpits all over this land of ours, including the Chicago metropolitan area.  Now there’s religious fascism for you.

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