Stacked against it

Doug Elfman in Sun-Times says Fox should scrap “Stacked” as night-club stuff that clutters the airwaves tonight, but he’s picked out items from it that make the sneaky me want to see it.  He opens:

Sex symbol Pam Anderson's Fox sitcom is called "Stacked." Her breasts are "stacked." She works in a bookstore where books are "stacked" up. If you're new to long words, this is called a "double entendre," when one word means two things, including a thing that makes you feel naughty.

And then he specifies with a shtick about Pucci as to dress but also something else.  It’s a joke that keeps on giving, up to the point of a woman’s selling her Pucci to make ends meet.  You mean the dress, I hope, says one character.

There’s even a Dylan Thomas reference, “Rage! Rage against the dying of the light!" delivered in timely fashion as Elfman tells it while unconvincingly disapproving.

Elfman agrees there’s joy in wit.  “Cheeky comedy can be great,” he says, denying such success to “Stacked.”  Hmmm.  Will have to check that one out for myself.

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Dana said...

I've seen part of one episode and it was blah in my opinion. However, my hubbie seems to like it. Wonder why? ;)

Saw your blog on interent news and noticed you were from Illinois. Me? I am down here in Oak Forest blogging away as well.

Nice to meetacha!