Dander up time . . .

In 11/10 Trib story by Wm. Neikirk "Bill targets ‘entitlements’" , on p. 8 at the top, 5 of 6 columns, why quote marks for "Entitlements"? Pretty straightforward word, understood by most as what comes by way of benefits based on one’s condition in life, race, sex, etc. Sub-head is purely from viewpoint of Dems: "GOP-backed trims before House give Democrats plenty of ammo." Yes, but why is that the important thing here, and not "GOP budget bill saves taxpayers lots of money." Both may be true, but Trib editors are not interested in the latter.

The lede is sure provocative, and no wonder this bill plays into Dem hands, with Chi Trib et al. portraying it in these, shall we say lurid? terms:

After slashing taxes and establishing a new Medicare prescription drug program, House Republicans are now seeking to reduce the deficit with budget cuts that would force sacrifice on many recipients of government benefits.

Get that "force sacrifice." When you put it that way, it’s clear these are very bad guys.

Most of the targeted beneficiaries are low-income Americans, providing Democrats with new ammunition to denounce the GOP as being callous to the poor and generous to the rich.

Damn right, and they don’t even have to hold a press conference to call Republicans callous etc. Please. We are to take such reporting seriously?

And Neikirk puts "entitlement" in quotes himself. We can’t even blame the copy desk for that one.

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