She's not heavy, she's our girl

Chi Trib Magazine’s cover story yesterday is seductive because it moves along and reads well, but it’s still a puff piece for a politician — Attorney Genl Lisa Madigan.  “Not everybody expected Lisa Madigan to do a good job as attorney general. Some thought she'd be an outright flop” is the nearest it comes to a mumblin’ word of negativity. 

Still, it’s what we have come to expect from the magazine, which operates in its own sphere, as the space it inexplicably occupied when on the Sunday after 9/11 four years ago, it ran a cover story about Bill Ayers, former fugitive from Feds, in which he had kind words to say about terrorism.  The Trib apologized for the piece in run-of-paper, page two; the Mag has its own “preprint” time table, and it was scrap the issue with all its ad wealth or ship it and apologize.  A no-brainer, that.

It’s awfully tacky of me to bring this up, but with her regular (St. Clement church) mass attendance getting several paragraphs and her mother’s Catholicity including Jesuit college graduation also in the running, is it too much to ask that the c– and a-words might have turned up?  Choice and (oh, how hard a word to say) Abortion?  And her being solidly in the camp of C. when it comes to A.?  And having promised to her Planned P. supporters when running for A.G. that she would emulate her friend Elliott Spitzer, NY state AG mentioned in the article as corporation-buster and consumer advocate, and go after abortion counsellors who suggest alternatives to pregnant clients?

That, my friend, is a no-brainer: You’re damn right it’s tacky, and shut the heck up!  OK, ok, ok, ok, ok . . . I don’t mean no trouble.  Really I don’t.  I don’t, I don’t, I don’t . . .   Sighhhhhh.

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