Brian, are you grieving?

Los Angeles Times
NBC anchor Brian Williams says reporting Hurricane Katrina has moved him to consider other areas of coverage that he says need to be addressed. He tells Matea Gold: "I will be asking my network to lead a discussion on the issues of class, race, energy, the environment, disaster planning, Iraq -- all those things and more. This encompasses so many of the major issues of our time." (Related AP story.)
— from Pointeronline’s Jim Romenesko letter. 
B. Williams has discovered the other America.  He doesn’t ride the subway enough maybe?  In and out of limos, is he, with barely time to tip the driver?  He does one story and has ideas for entire coverage for his bosses, stem to stern.  Well (a) it won’t sell, because people won’t want to hear his moanings and groanings and (b) his list is all left-wing: nothing about the state of marriage in the U.S., especially among blacks, and its ravages; the decline of literacy coast to coast, especially among blacks; the increased sense of dependence on government as opposed to personal responsibility, especially among blacks.  He’s got the same old tired subjects and you know where he will get his coverage playbook when the time comes.  What a jerk.
(For ongoing top-flight inner-city coverage, see Manhattan Institute and its City Journal, with special attention to Heather Mac Donald, author of The Burden of Bad Ideas: How Modern Intellectuals Misshape Our Society, an Ivan R. Dee book out of Chicago.)

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