Give Goggin a break

"I did not realize the document was under seal," defense lawyer Michael Goggin said, excusing himself — with apologies, of course — for leaking names of cooperating witnesses to City Hall. 

Well of course.  The guy is new at this and has been earning his keep processing home purchases, whence comes his very expensive suits as shown in color in noosepapers, out of which suits he is fairly bursting with ruddy good health and beaucoups de avoir du pois


Jim Bowman said...

Fenwick '65 -- star of Catholic League basketball championship, notes Reader Bob.

Jim Bowman said...

Shenanigans such as these mark the line between street smart fighters and the Red Coats marching in formation with their muskets. Goggins' mea culpa and "aw shucks I screwed up" attitude, reminds me of Sandy "Burglar" getting caught stealing classified documents, after the fact. What did the Dems say to excuse him? "Sandy is just a Klutz, and so disorganized he didn't know what he was doing. His left hand doesn't know what his right hand is doing," or words to that effect, notes Reader D.