"Fire," he said in the crowded theater

“THE LEFT LIED AND LONDONERS DIED” is recommended as a good motto by blogger Jeff Goldstein, a writer and teacher in Colorado, in view of how Left spokesmen fed Muslim rage with their publicizing of false reports about Guatanamo abuses.  He names

Teddy, Carl, Dick, Howard, et al—along with their mouthpieces in the mainstream press who, until recently, have been too busy questioning every Bush administration motive to investigate Gitmo on their own, relying instead on misleading press releases from Amnesty International

Dick is Illinois’ own Durbin.  As for “mouthpieces in the mainstream press,” Chi Trib’s Eric Zorn comes to mind with his blog-diatribe vs. Durbin, run here a few days ago, for apologizing!

Goldstein brings it up in view of the 7/7 bomber’s specifically mentioning Gitmo abuses as a complaint that led him to be a bomber, arguing for violent retaliation while visiting relatives in Pakistan.  This blog item, at “Protein Wisdom,” he heads “Why Rhetoric Matters,” his argument for which was in my case bringing coals to Newcastle.


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