Eric's back!

Too soon the speculation about An End to Zorn et al. on Chi Trib Metro page one.  He’s back today with deadly piece on Marian apparitions — unproven, irrefutable — near various CTA stations, including the most recent on Fullerton Ave.  He’s like a moth drawn to the flame on this stuff, which gets at the heart of his idea of how people should behave — NOT this way.  He has to deliver the cool rationality of Enlightenment to the issue, without sounding like the Village Atheist, has probably learned the hard way not to be too obvious about it in Chicago to his Chi Trib audience.  So he kills us with detail.  I’m dead already, help, help!

Meanwhile, the news layout and story delivery suffers on Metro page one.  Come on, folks, can’t we find local news delivered as if it carries itself without left-column maundering commentary and periodic fun and games learned in various college dormitories?  Like yesterday and the day before?

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