Zorn on mark

“It pains [Chi Trib’s Eric Zorn] that ‘gay rights’ is still an issue,” but he still does not think it a good idea for teachers to impose a protesting “day of silence” on students as was done last week at “thousands” of schools nationwide, in part because he sees the counter protest “day of truth” in the offing.  In this sauce-for-goose, sauce-for-gander situation, he rejects “indoctrinating [his] kids on controversial socio-political matters,” period and says he’d be “just an opportunist” to buy into this one because he agrees with it.

Fair enough.  But are schools value-free?  He’s not saying that, but it’s worth asking.  The “day of silence” in itself is nothing to be upset about, but silence about what?  To what end?  If fairness and a spirit of tolerance is the goal, fine.  But to specify the object of tolerance is another story.  How about a debate?  That’s the way of a democratic society.  Invite debaters on both sides of, say, how much tolerance of gays is in order?  Even to raise the question is to get in trouble, however.

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