Bolton, Paige out of U.N.

* “The charge that he improperly sought to influence intelligence conclusions is a serious one, and it is reasonable to assess his conduct in these encounters. But no one should be surprised to find that episodes of conflict have occurred in this environment over the course of a four-year tenure," said Sen. Lugar in his day-before-vote preemptive strike toward confirmation of Bolton to UN job — italics added.  No one should be surprised at a lot of things that engage editors, reporters, and headline writers, De Lay’s junkets and relatives on campaign payroll, for one thing.  Washington is regularly awash in such things, is it not?

* Delayed congrats to Paige Wiser, who I think has been influenced by that Austen woman, on her 2nd child. In her Sun-Times column before taking leave a few months back, she gave all the wrong reasons for having a baby, then says, "It’s too late now" and took leave.

* U.S. out of U.N., U.N. out of U.S.? Great slogan but won’t happen. If it did happen, however, why not Haiti? Think what U.N. headquarters would do for the Haiti economy. And those many UN third-worlders would feel more at home there.

NOT! They may be third-worlders, but like globetrotters everywhere, they would rather live (it up) in New York – assuming they needn’t reside in Fort Apache or some other impacted part of town, which is a very safe assumption.

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