Buy Chi Trib this morning even if Eric Zorn isn't in it, for the guest cartoons, specifically two out of Atlanta, one by Luckovich of the Journal-Constitution showing Edwards being commended at the recent political meeting: "Great speech! A jury just awarded Kerry $25 million." Edwards being a first-rate ambulance-chaser. (And I understand Kerry served in Viet Nam. Is that right?)

The other, by Robert Ariall of the Columbia SC The State, has Kerry at podium in front of big sign, "Tell Bush to SHOVE IT," and one donkey telling another, "I feel better now that we have a unifying message that clearly states our vision."

Meanwhile, it's Saturday at Sun-Times, where circulation is up or down, whatever, and Thomas Roeser expatiates knowledgeably about this week's resolution of the state budget impasse, telling how House Republican leader Tom Cross of Oswego led horses to the drink and got them to swallow, with House Speaker Mike (Big Daddy) Madigan ending "wiser but sadder." Typical informed analysis by one of the city's best.

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