One Jimmy bought, sold, delivered

Egad, did I read in this morning's Chi Trib or Sun-Times about Jimmy Carter, author of heavy anti-Israel book, being on the take (big-time, to use a once going phrase of choice) from A-rabs and Muslims?  For a long time, even to saving his peanut farm in '76?  As at Belmont Club?
Let me check before I say it’s so.  (Checking, wait.)  Nope, it ain't in either paper, or it escaped the long arm of Google, which has nothing on the subject in either paper.
Nor is anthing from either paper among the blogs, again says Google.  
Oh well, just another case of what interests mainstream editors.  Ho-ho-ho-hum.
OR: It’s the usual lag between mainstream and digital coverage.  Ho-ho-ho-hum 2.
It is not easy teaching the old dog something new.

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