DePaul again (sigh)

DePaul U. can’t win for losing in the left-right scheme of things.  Its College Republicans say their posters were banned in protest of the U. of Colorado pseudo-Indian and terrorist sympathizer Ward Churchill before his lecture there in October.  they couldn’t even attend a Churchill workshop, they say, barred by a special regulation.  The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) stepped in, complaining to the president, Dennis Holtschneider, who said, "Denunciations of speakers are not posted." New policy, said the Republicans, citing First Amendment rights but mostly doubletalk by DePaul administration. 

DePaul came under FIRE earlier in the fall in the Thomas Klocek case, he being the veteran adjunct prof who has sued it for penalizing him for arguing with pro-Palestinian students in a cafeteria on campus.

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