SUNDAY HEADLINES . . . Sun-Times has huge p-1 pic and headline for city schools' worst principal, as voted by her teachers. Most unpopular, they mean. Anyhow, why the huge head and pic? It's like the suburban superintendent they featured some months back who had made a bundle and a half. Really. Tabloid headlines are supposed to grab you, but with what? These represent an expense of credibility in a waste of ink, to adapt Shakespeare.

Then (as ever) there's Chi Trib, with its "Prison leaders had past woes" story about Abu Ghraib. This is a surprise? And what about pursuing the s.o.b. Zarkawi, the bin Laden buddy who beheaded Berg on camera. How about something on him and how he got so twisted? Without giving his gripes about U.S. so much space he comes out looking justified? Not likely in this case, beheading and all. But come on, Tribsters, he's not Sunday-headline material?